Costume Standards

The Outer Rim Guilds costuming standards are looking to create high quality costumes that look as if the character has just stepped out of the Star Wars universe and into real life. The Star Wars Universe encompasses many media outlets such as movies, television, games, books and comics. Characters contained within these sources are available for Outer Rim Guild members to use as a basis for their costume.  

The Outer Rim Guilds also recognizes the creativity within our costume community and allows for you to create custom Star Wars characters that can represent the Outer Rim Guilds. Custom character costumes must still adhere to high quality standards and must represent the Star Wars Universe as if it were an actual character from Lucasfilm.


If a costume standard does not exist for an existing canon character that costume may still be accepted for Official Membership, nonetheless. A canon reference photograph comparison of the of the character being represented shall be required at the time of submission for comparison with the costume being submitted.


The Costume standards will be continually updated, and there are likely to be characters in the Star Wars universe that qualify for full membership in the ORG that are not yet represented in the costuming standards.

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