The Outer Rim Guilds is a not-for-profit educational organization that specializes in Star Wars costuming, prop creation, acting and choreographed stage combat. The Outer Rim Guilds is comprised of and operated by Star Wars fans who love to entertain. The Outer Rim Guilds are not sponsored by Lucasfilm Ltd., we are recognized as a fan based costuming group that follows generally accepted ground rules for Star Wars fan groups. Our members specialize in choreographed stage combat, lightsaber choreography, costume construction, prop creation, set design and hand-to-hand staged combat to entertain patrons at charity events, conventions or other requested appearances.

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The Outer Rim is the region of space outside of the control of the Empire or Republic. In this region all manner of characters can be found; Bounty Hunters, Pilots, Merchants, Jedi and Sith. To represent these fringe dwellers, the Outer Rim Guilds have come together to give these travelers a place to call their home. The Star Wars Universe is a vast tapestry of characters, races and worlds. Here in the Outer Rim Guilds we celebrate those characters by allowing members the chance to create one of a kind custom characters for use in our productions. The Outer Rim Guilds is a performance group that specializes in staged combat choreography using Star Wars themes and characters. We are recognized by Lucasfilm as a not for profit custom costume group. 

This site and all of its content is still a work in progress. Please bear with us as we continue to build and grow our organization.